Thursday, March 12, 2009

The great new project that I will be spending time on these days.
Mike Quinn, the lyrical master, from Violent Society fame, shreds the acoustic guitar while rambles of the rise and fall of humanity.
My block neighbor, Jeff Tareila completes the back line with the most purdy uprite bass on 3rd st.
The first day went well. Working on five songs that I was still learning was quite hard but seemed to track good. My head was pounding with each bass drum kick as my cold had not left my body.
Day two was much better! We seemed to kick it right away. Recording 4 more songs. The day just passed without any serious bumps. Top Soil is a challenge for me because, Jeff and Mike took my cymbals away and just left me the kick snare and brushes. But I dig it!
I look forward to finishing tracking next week and moving on to vocals. I will have a stronger backing vocal role in this group.
Working at the shop has been difficult with this nasty head cold. Just got to push through it.