Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Allentown Tattoo Show

On Friday it started out great. I tattooed Samantha Goodman's ribs on her way to the Sturgis roadshow. Then on to my ole buddy Jared Urban who I've been tattooing for 15 years now. It was good to see the same face's as last year and some new ones as well. I always have a good time at the Skinvitational. On Saturday I didn't make any appointments and just took walk bys. I did well and had fun drawing tattoos up on the spot. I Started out by tattooing a really cool biker character riding into the sunset on T. Wood. One of my favorites was the blackbird I did on Ann Marie Lance. I was so busy that afternoon I didn't see the monsoon that was going on outside. It still didn't deter the Gasket Goons from bringing the Hot Rods up for the car show. Saturday night was a blast hanging with the crew from Immortal Ink, Back to Back, and the Gasket Goons.
Sunday I finished up the convention with a mermaid and a seahorse. I look forward to next years convention!