Monday, February 28, 2011

Just around the corner..

Hello everyone! Those piles of snow are finally melting and spring fever has only begun to sprung. (For the locals) we all know how it goes: As the days get longer, Frenchtown gets busier and busier. The shops been going great, not much time to sit around. The little hints of sunlight creeping through the windows make the days that much smoother. I mentioned in my last post that I had a lot of free space this winter- but with the changing of the seasons most of those spots have filled. I do, however have some free space around the middle of April on..get in touch with me if your interested!

Towards the end of March (24th-28th) I'll be closing up shop and heading down to Guatemala to visit a good friend, Dave Spagna. I can't wait to experience the ins and outs of his central American shop as well as creating some work of my own. The anticipation is overwhelming. I'm so excited to be surrounded by volcanoes, blue water, and especially the ancient Mayan culture...should be beautiful! I'm bringing my vintage camera to play around with the scenery, will definitely post pictures.
Here's a couple more images of current work- enjoy!