Monday, April 11, 2011

Two d-bags go to Guatemala

Just recently returned from a central American adventure with Josh -- We spent 4 days visiting our friend Dave Spagna who has a tattoo shop called Speeds in Antigua, a small tourist town surrounded by volcanoes in central Guatemala. What an amazing trip! We got the incredible chance to immerse ourselves in the guatemalan culture. Josh and I both guested at Dave's shop, while there we were lucky enough to hang the whole time with Luis Bedregal, Art Escobar, and Carlob Charly Wolfos, amazing tattoo artists who happen to know every bar in Antigua- cool shop!
It was funny to discover that when we told people we were from Jersey they immediately assumed we were a couple d-bags from "Jersey Shore" which just so happened to be on everyones television sets at the time...what is this jersey shore shit?
Had a great time-did some cool tattoos on rad people-Susana, Nick, Heidi, Silvis and tattooed a cool panther on Dave Spagnas hand. Josh and I are hoping to go back in November and continue adventures in Antigua- hope you enjoy pictures from my vintage Jem camera- cheers!

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